W88 Casino, the grand prize is shared, and You also will send 188 bonuses.

Tiger Machine Festival, with you! Big winners are concentrating! Anyone who sends a winning screenshot will have an extra 188/88/66 yuan bonus, let’s share your joy ~

Rule and Terms:

    1. This event begins at 2021 January 01 00:00:00 , as of January 31, 2021 23:59:59 (Beijing time) .
    2. This offer is only applicable to the W88 member of the renminbi
    3. member needs to edit the mail to [Email Protected] mailbox. The winning screenshot is only limited to the week bet and apply is valid. Members who meet the requirements, only send a bonus only, and the maximum winning amount of weekly approve is accurate.
      Mail Title: Middle Awards Screenshot
      Content: User Name, Winning Game Platform, Game Name and Winning Note No.
    4. This offer is only applicable to betting W88 winning list, all slot machines can participate.
    5. Any single bureau is more than 10,000 yuan, more than 10,000 yuan, and the cumulative prize pool exceeds 10,000 yuan, and the screenshot of the winning page will be sent to the program. . The bonus is allocated:
bonus 10,000 yuan or more 66 20,000 yuan 88 188 6. Information network will choose the screenshot of the winners, and the members who are tetched by this website will send 188/88. / 66 yuan bonus.

7. The bonus will be distributed at 18 o’clock every Monday, reaching 5 times the water can withdraw (except the poker).

8. This offer can be shared with other offers unless special instructions.
9.W88 has the right to suspend or cancel this advantage at any time惠 惠.
10.W88 General terms and rules apply to this offer.
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