W88 Casino flies to Western sports, win the crystal palace jar!

Western sports weekly bets exceed 100,000, you can have a chance to get a shirt of the Crystal Palace, limited quantity, and end. Join now!

Rule and Terms

  1. The event begins on November 09, 2020 (Beijing time), as of November 30, 2020 23:59:59 (Beijing time)
  2. This event is limited to Western sports, and each member is only available.
  3. Follow the Western Sports Monthly 00:00:00 to Sunday 23:59:59 Effective Better Calculation.
  4. The annual effective bet amount is ≥ 100,000, and 50 lucky members will be taken to send jersey gifts every week.
  5. We will notify members who meet the requirements through the phone or station letter in the second week. Members need to provide detailed mailing information for delivery. If you can’t contact the winner within 7 days, the prize will be viewed It is invalid.
  6. This jersey gift is not available.
  7. Any actions for gambling, invalidation, cancellation, mixed clearance, and sport events below Hong Kong 0.5 (higher than 2.0) will not be calculated in active effective betting.
  8. The offer provided by W88 is only available for entertaining players, and W88 has the right to cancel this offer for all members or some members.
  9. W88 General Terms and Rules are applied to this offer.

  10. W88W88 official website offer Western sports

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