How can W88 Casino identifies youde W88 true pseudo?

Recently, there is a lawless division of counterfeit W88 official website, beware of fishing sites, safe and worry-free games, Xiaobian teaches you to identify authenticity. In addition, please query and deposit through the official website! Don’t deposit through other channels, so as not to be deceived, causing unnecessary losses!

Official Website: It is recommended that you use the network speed more smooth alternate URL!;

  • There are some cottage websites of counterfeit W88, this After the fake fishing website, after obtaining a lot of personal information, such as bank accounts and information, through extortion, leaking the user’s personality information, bringing you very serious harm. Xiaobian is a comprehensive analysis of counterfeit websites and how to identify the official website of W88!

  • Please be aware of the following fishing websites, all of which are the cottage W88 website, please be careful, to prevent being deceived!

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WeChat payment

W88 genuine official website:

Clear quality, with seven national markets, and a variety of game products, large Asian entertainment flagship brands. Please look for the official website name [] .

Menu selection

W88 genuine official website is divided into: [Sports], [Live Entertainment City], [Slot Machine], [Game], [Lotto], [Chess] Six major products classification, and [ Offer] and [Information Network] navigation station.

W88 genuine website game type is more diversified, classification is clearer! Fake website: The page is rough, the picture quality is unclear, the font is blurred, and other national markets and regions are not supported.

Fake Website: The speed of speed is slightly different. Please check carefully and beware of being deceived.

Fake website: web design style and sector can distinguish between true and false W88 websites.

If you encounter any questions on the website, please contact us in time 7×24 hours online customer service to get help, we will Sincerely at your service! Thank you ~

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