W88 Youde Realist Different Water, send re-deposit!

Betting every week in the club live entertainment city, you can get up to 2,000 yuan to save the bonus! Zhou Zhou Game, Week Win! Limited list, immediately apply ~

  1. Activity begins on January 01, 2021, January 31, 2021 23: 59 (Beijing time).
  2. This offer applies to members of all RMB registered.

  3. Betting every week in the club live entertainment city, you can get the following quota, you can get the red benefits, the details are as follows:

  4. Total bet amount Repair branch ratio bonus amount

    ≥ 100,00010% 200 yuan

    ≥ 200,000% 500 yuan

    ≥ 1,000 , 00022% 2000 yuan

  5. This offer does not require an application, meets the requirements of the requirements we will send the bonus code to your station letter next Monday. This dividend code is only used in each issue.

  6. Members received 7 days of bonus code, after using any deposit on the same day, when transferred to the “Club” wallet, enter the code in the bonus code bar to get the corresponding proportion of dividends.

  7. The bonus code is only available for 7 days, and it is overdue.

  8. The dividend amount is limited to the live entertainment city in the club, and completes 1 times the flow of water.

  9. Any gambling bet is not allowed, once discovery will abolish the corresponding dividend and profit amount.

  10. The offer provided by W88 is only available for entertaining players. W88 has the right to cancel this offer at any time or some member.

  11. W88 General Terms and Rules are applied to this offer.
  12. This offer is suitable for club – all live games in the Supreme Hall, Excellence Hall and the Golden Hall.

  13. gPI platform w88w88.comw88w88.com offers the official website club live entertainment city discount
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