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Two one hundred club Manchester united and Liverpool England every meeting is the focal place of the tens of thousands of fans.

Beijing standard time on September 13, in the morning of the 15/16 season double Red Cross for the first time will be at old trafford ablaze.The new season for the past four rounds, both sides have 2 win 1 draw 1 record, with seven points respectively in table 5 and 7, there is no doubt that “very close” to record the fight moreWonderful, also add to the game of suspense.

Go back to basics and discuss the most fans, who can have the last laugh?

The reds two frontcourt, Wayne rooney, DE palin and Liverpool defender Martin skrtel, Cleveland, the contest will be an indicator of the game, but this is just the double Red Cross read two of them.

Manchester united will put the goal of hope just to break the captain of the England national team scoring recordWho, after the euro “the first person of England” is expected to find in the premier league scoring feeling, not a goals in the past 10 premier league matches the embarrassing situation in the middle of his career have arisen only twice, the strong current, more need rooney play “50 Mr Ball”.

An iron in the Liverpool players who wants to count the Slovakia international Martin skrtel, believe that Rogers would commit man-marking rooney’s mission to on him, but rooney’s continuous movement and experienced go for Martin skrtel, also is not an easy thing.

Wayne rooney in the pastFight with the red army, 22 only scored five goals, averaging 0.23 goals against any team in the premier league than his team efficiency is poor, although he in united’s 3-0 defeat at Liverpool last season harvest goal, but also could not hide him in the face of the red army’s leg soft state.

Blinder VS bent grams

Thin little blinder recently insisted that his position “smart enough” equal alacrity, in fact, he in the last five games this season are zero sealed a team, but he in the last round of premier league Manchester united 1-2 againGame against Swansea was Mr Ayoob, and back to the prototype, the disadvantages of the thin in the face of strong front players even more dazzling.

The reds new signings this summer bent grams are notoriously “black and hard”, met he could say was by far the most difficult task Lin Deben season.Bent, air capped a win-win under 41 time this season, more than any a premiership player, in this process, enough to rolling only 8 times the air capped his success blinder.

DE VS Cleveland,

mannAl ZuoFei fin DE to Liverpool left brake Cleveland, two each team’s new signings collision is bound to a spark., she has not harvested in premier league goals, but he is in the champions league qualifier against bruges a bright, delicate and do not break power technology, it seems that he made the premiership goal is only a matter of time.

DE in left wing dribbling breakthrough is quite effective, and he also likes to help the team in such a way to create scoring opportunities.For Cleveland, this is not just a game, or a chance to defend their status in the team, if he wants to limit well in the game’s pageWords, he should be more use of idiomatic feet cut inside page (right) of Germany.

Pig VS phil –

Liverpool’s midfield is a big problem, library mourinho was suspended, and Henderson and rana due to injury in doubtful, but Manchester united midfielder Michael carrick after playing the European championship qualifier crus suffered injuries, he will be in the best condition is still a question.

Library moutinho for injury may be a good news for phil mino, he has a chance to appear in his favorite center position, likeHe did at hoffenheim.Over the past four premier league games, phil mino only starting in 2 times, but he is still the united defence.Although phil mino scoring ability and the library’s neo, there is still a gap between both in frequency and precision of the shot is not in the same class, but the ability to create scoring opportunities for phil mino seems to be better than library moutinho (v2).

Bastian schweinsteiger need quieted phil mino, reds midfielder offensive and defensive conversion need to operate the pig.Since the pig came to Manchester united, he always is the focus of debate, the fans and phil mino approach in midfieldWill be in the game, he is one of the biggest challenges, if pigs can be assumed the banner of offensive and defensive midfield in midfield, Manchester united won the double Red Cross will be much more opportunity to win.

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