W88 Casino Gao Bo – card game

Thailand’s most popular card game – [Gao Bo]. Leisure puzzle, enjoy life! Web version, mobile version has been online online, invite three or five friends together to be fast ~

Under the official website “Login” state, select “Chess” category Click [Gaob] to enter the game . ,As shown below.

After entering the game, select the game table, [free table] or [cash table]. As shown below:

[Free Table] Game page. As shown below:

[Cash Table] Select the room to enter the game. As shown below:

Game page. As shown in the figure below:

Click on the top left of the page [Game Home] to you can jump to select another chess game page. As shown below:

Click [Announcement] to view the official announcement of “Gao Bo” game. As shown in the figure below:

Click [Lead "to display the ranking of" Everyday "and" All Time "segments. As shown in the figure below:

Click [Game Rank "in [Game Rules] to display a list of license. As shown in the following:

Example of “and” in the game rule]. As shown in the figure below:

Click [Setting] to drag the mouse to adjust the “sound” and “music”. As shown below:

[Rule and Terms] General description. As shown below:

Note: As long as your account has balance, the system will continue to play. When there is not enough balance in your account, the page will automatically pop up the buy window!

If you encounter any questions during the game, please contact our 7×24 hours online customer service. We will be happy to serve you!

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