W88AG gambling god – Annual Finals!

The global master gathering the ultimate gambling god. The battle drums, the number! Global master gathered, a finalist! Immediately sign up, the ultimate year of the year, millions of huge prizes hugged home!

  1. After the player signed up, it will bet in a fixed competition chip in a certain game desktop in a certain competition. The game is chip and the player’s personal real money. There is no association between the quota and user points, all game chips will not accumulate to the next game. If the player’s user’s points are insufficient, it can improve the effective betting level by non-competition.
  2. To ensure the fair transparency of the system, after the player is successfully registered, the seats when entering the game are used in the game. Random allocation, players must not choose or exchange seats on the table;
  3. All competition bonuses will be issued in real time in real time in accordance with the game bonus distribution;
  4. The game will be based on ” Under the rules of Jiale, please check the game in the game according to the “Baccarat” game rules. Participants must bet within each time, each bureau’s betting time is 25 seconds, and each entrant must be at least at least at least at least the lowest bet on the resident or hurt. In each hand, the entrant can only choose to bet on the Manistist or the idle home. When you choose to bet on the bureau or a pair, you must also choose to bet the dealer or the idler;
  5. Before the qualifier and gambling gods, each entrant will get 100,000 collections of the game (the game chips only apply to the game, can not be exchanged for cash or cash chips), the player’s betting red is 1000 -10,000, entrant It is not more bet that is more than its own game chips.
    When the competition is carried out, the participants are limited to each game:

    Minimum betting chips Supreme betting chips

    Zhuangjia 1,00010

    家 1,000

    and the bureau 1001,000

    pair 1001,000

  6. All games, the monkeeper will first send 2 bureaus and start the official license after the bureau is not set, and the next game will no longer repeat the shuffle in the same boots;

  7. To ensure the fair transparency of the player, the competition system will use the following promotion / phase-out mechanism:

  8. 7.1 game, the system is based on the rules set by each race station each round, according to the virtual table to advance the specified number of players. The contestants who have not been advanced per round will be automatically eliminated.
    7.2 For example: a total of 56 people in a game, players are distributed on the 8 virtual tables of A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and the game is divided into 4 rounds (5 bureaus per round) Each round of the game is promoted to the top 3, that is, the top 3 of the AH per table (not advanced automatic elimination) until the game is completed.
    7.3 Excellence in the player competition: If the game is set to 2 people per round, when the player is in the next round, the first place is the first place in each table. In the next round of initial game chips, there will be a fixed percentage increase (ie the first place for each table will be more fixed than other players. The percentage is set in the game)
    7.4 system uses as much as possible To ensure the average number of players per table, the players per round will be randomly allocated to different tables again.
  9. During the game, the special betting functional clauses that can be used are as follows:

  10. 8.1 “Dark Note” is used in the competition, which is a strategy betting skill. It is mainly to hide the project of your bet, until the betting time is completed, other players can see the chips and positions they have cast. The number of secrets is based on the “turn number” of the game. For example: total turn: 5, total secret number: 5
    8.2 “Over Board” for entrants to make decisions, means not to note. The number of excess bisses is provided in the “turn number” of the game. For example: total turn number: 5, total passage number: 5
  11. Win or lose, all used or unused special bet functions will automatically clear when the game is over, no transfer between participants Or borrow the game chips, after each game, the system will automatically clear the player’s game chips.

  12. Ranking rules will use the following priorities:

  13. 10.1 Advanced participants are ranked above elimination players, then ran out from high to low according to the game;
    10.2 If the player is the same, The ranking of the game is higher;
    10.3 If the above two ranking rules have the same ranking, the player ranked earlier in this field.
  14. If the contestant is required to leave the game in the competition, the time from the table is not more than 5 games, if it violates this provision, the qualifications of the contestants will be canceled and only ranked.

  15. Activity Terms

All valid AG real money members can participate.

    During the event, players participate in the “Qualifying”. You need to use the player’s existing user points to participate in the event;
  1. All competitions start registration on time in accordance with the game announcement, we have the right Change, delay or cancel the game without informing the player in advance.

  2. User points earn only for players in real human video games, including: all kinds of baccarat, dragon tiger, 宝, roulette, 21 points, cow, fried gold flower, girker , Multiple, table, good road betting; detailed description and integration redeem rules, please refer to the “User Integral System” instructions.

  3. “Qualifying” wins, you can get a ticket to participate in the “gambling” (if the ticket is finished, the ticket is no longer issued on the same day, all the games are no longer registered, first come first served, Satherent, the ticket obtained by each player is valid during the game activity this month;

  4. To ensure that the event is given back to the majority of members, each member of this activity is limited to an account and the same IP address. The violations canceled the qualification, and the serious fraud people AG have the right to post the sector or deduct the relevant profit without prior notice;

  5. Any member is in any illegal means, including but not limited to hedging, conspiracy, etc. Participate in this event, violation treatment and other activities Terms 6;

  6. If the provisions of the competition, the entrant will lose its qualifications;

  7. Players participate in this AG activity, they will be deemed to agree This activity terms;

  8. AG retains the final interpretation of this event.

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