W88 how to change the DNS Settings ~

Computer operating normally, the network environment is normal, game operating right, why can’t connect web page for the game?This kind of situation is likely to be your DNS can not normal to connect to the web site, small make up teach you four steps to solve the problem easily.

Step 1: school official cites use the mouse to click on the desktop the lower left corner “start” button, select “control panel” inside “network connection”, enter the network Settings page.

Step 2: open “network connections” window, on the network devices that you are currently using pressThe right mouse button, and then click “properties”, to change the network Settings.

Step 3: as shown in the figure below, click the choose to use one of the Try a network icon, click the left mouse button.

Step 4: according to the pie chart, check the “regular” function page below, use the following DNS server addresses 】 【 and then add a new DNS server addresses, according to determine the key after setting.


The preferred DNS server: optimal DE W88 】 【

Secondary DNS server: optimal DE W88 】 【 or

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