W88 casino DE virtual reality baccarat – VB1

New virtual reality cool baccarat, grand new apple iOS on four one client!Sexy and attractive classical virtual reality lotus officer, the game more fun for you, there are realistic and costly game scenes, let you deeply.Immediately download apple’s iOS optimal DE four one client, carefree experience new hundred coke ~

Virtual reality VB1 baccarat: game like ordinary baccarat, currently only in apple’s iOS 4 and the client to provide.

Login, click on the “real casino”, chooseChoose the VB1 baccarat 】, choose the betting lines into the game you want to, the following graph:

Virtual reality baccarat of pumps and pumping of betting options.

Avoid pumping virtual reality baccarat page is as follows:

Pumping virtual reality baccarat page is as follows:

As shown in the above, the virtual reality baccarat table straightforward, betting respectively zhuang, idle, idle house have nine points, sent home, banker have nine points, have eight banker have and spare pair home and banker on at 8 o ‘clockSon,, and.

Such as in the game you need to change the betting limits, can according to the following steps:

Switch right arrow mark, simply click on the page below:

Left click on the game page to view information and game related account, containing [change quotas], [history], [the report], [rule], [home], [mail] (station), the “my account”, “money management”, “return water/rescue gold”, “bonus points” and “contact us”.You can according to their own needsView, the following figure:

See a better introduction, feel easy to get started?Then quickly take out your iphone login, and beautiful virtual lotus officer win cash together!

If you encounter any problems in the game, you are welcome at any time consulting us 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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