W88 golden real club – new game hall

Golden hall, the new club without downloading the game.Computer web + mobile phone web page, simply enter url can play in the golden real casino chang infinite!Chang win withdrawals hand anytime and anywhere!What are you waiting for, a optimal DE W88 website immediately!

Golden club based on the classic game hall, has added a new game hall.

New game interface.

After log in the game, page can choose the game type: dragon baccarat baccarat,Dice, roulette.The diagram below:

Above 2 for golden wallet balance, click on the above 1 menu function keys, specific information is as follows:

Video: adjust the picture clarity.

Sound effects: switch the background sound.

Support center: jump to game help page, you can view all the reality of the game rules of the game.

Figure 3 lucky sorting table, the system will randomly into a table for the selected game type.Pictured above page chose longhu baccarat games, click lucky selected units, system can followMachine into a dragon game of baccarat table.

Figure 4 instant betting, click enter to view the selected type of game table, a table can bet at the same time.Such as page chose longhu baccarat, click on the “instant on”, will show more Zhang Longhu game of baccarat table.The diagram below:

1, return to the game page

2, add the same type of game table, as follows:

3, betting area & amp;The lottery

for details

Figure 5 selected game platform, the system will only be randomTurn a longhu baccarat table.

Figure 6 details is to choose the type and the lottery game.

Above 1: the display name of the game and ramadhin, click optional bet amount.This show is the table of the current number of bets.

Above 2: according to a recent issue of the lottery results,

Above 3: display the current game table of the way.

After entering the game, the page shows as follows:

Above 1, click can choose to replace other game table.


above 2 from left to right are: the picture sharpness adjust, update the page, the rules of the game, to return to the game hall.

Above 3, display the current balance, and the current amount of bets.

Above 4, click is baccarat dragon way switch, click is idle and the size of the zhuang way switch.

Above 5, view the betting history

After above 6, click show more than a game table, can bet at the same time.The diagram below:

1, each small game on the table will display name and ramadhin game, click can switch itThe game table.
2, click on the small table top right corner, you can switch to the middle screen.

The game currently supported browser and version is as follows:

Mobile phone system: apple (IOS 8 and above), the android (4.4.1 and above)

Mobile browser: apple – & gt;Safari, android – & gt;Google (native browsers support individual)

Individual support native browsers refers to the following device’s browser:

The Samsung note 5 】 【 s6 edge 】 【 s6 edge + 】 【 s6 】 【 s5 】

Computer web pages:

Windows XP and above system, the use of Google, firefox and safari.

If you encounter any problems in the game, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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