W88 return water instant – the complete application

Optimal DE W88 full platform, happy, PK10 and optimal real casino slot machines, instant return water function, web and mobile application, premium discount not to be missed, login immediately carefree experience ~

How to enter the page of return water instant application?

Web page on how to apply computer?

After you log on optimal DE W88 account, click on the page to the upper right corner shows you the location of the user name (pictured), the pop-up window click on The return water/rescue gold 】 And then select the club you want to apply for.

Instant cash return water based on your in optimal DE W88 all platform, happy color and optimal real casino slot machines, the total bet amount (water) of the game back of prizes.You only need to click on the corresponding game products of The instant application 】 , that is, to play for a quick, no needWait.The diagram below:

Platform where need some time to update your game data, in about 30 minutes after the game, you can refresh the instant return water report, click on the “instant application”, after the return to the center of the water amount will be automatically added to your wallet.Instant return water amount is the minimum 5 yuan, the highest uncapped.Withdrawals without water!

Instant return water only in the week to apply for, if you forget to click apply for return water last week, can contact online customer service special repair for the (only) last week.

You only need to click on the application of games in the rear of the product instant application 】 【, returned to the details of the return water meter will display your application.(below).If the page displays application fails, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service.

You click on the [Real-time application 】 After you return to the center of the water amount instantly added to your wallet, return water page will be updated.


Product "The strong> total effective betting Return water percentage return water amount is Sports return water: you can click on the return water left page or apply for weeks return water 】 【 sports return of underwater for preferential 】 【 after entering select the sports you want to apply for, and then click on the "confirm" to submit.

Oriental and western sports of return water distributed in every Monday at 6 PM. Other products are all [instant return water].



submit success tips: (pictured),

Mobile web and APP how to apply for?

Please use a mobile phone browser login optimal DE W88 mobi: M.w88001.com

If you have download the optimal DE W88 APP client, can be directly to log in.

After entering the page, select “personal data” click [return water/rescue gold].The diagram below:

After your game 30 pointsAround the clock, it can refresh immediate return water report, click on the “instant application”, after the return to the center of the water amount will be automatically added to your wallet.The diagram below:

Click on the corresponding club at the bottom of the “read more” is 】 【 return water statements.Can see to your return water amount 】 【 【 return water percentage (%) 】 【 total effective betting 】 for details.The diagram below:

More favourable for details, please check the optimal DE W88 website or contact us 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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