w88 casino如何设置常用浏览器允许弹出窗口?

When you are using a browser will encounter new window can’t pop up?This kind of situation you are in the optimal DE W88 】 third-party payment will also meet?Below small make up hold you solve each browser Settings, you don’t have to worry about the deposit operation ~

Internet explorer

Step1:Open the ie browser, click the Settings button, click Internet options command.

Step 2:11 21998871211219982387Click the privacy TAB, click remove check enable pop-up blockers, click ok.

Firefox browser,

step 1:在浏览器菜单栏(如果菜单栏没有出现,点击键盘“Alt”键调出菜单栏)上选择“工具”→点击“选项”。

Step 2:11 21998871211219982387在弹出的“选项”小窗口中点击“内容”选项→去掉“阻止弹出窗口”→点击“确定”按钮。

Google browser,

Step 1:11 21998871111219982387Open a browser, use Google Chrome menu on the toolbar.Click on the located in the top right-hand corner of the browser toolbar [menu].Select “Settings”.

Step 2:11 21998871111219982387In the most low-end Settings page, click the “show advanced Settings” below, in the “privacy Settings” section, click the “set”.

Step 3:11 21998871411219982387In the pop-up window section, select the “allow all website displays pop-up window”.All the operation is complete.

360 browsers

Step 1:11 21998871411219982387Open the “tools” menu in the “options”.

The step no. 21998871111219982387Find the “filter” advertisement, interceptor pattern is now “open bar”, if you want to open all popup window, can be removed the hook, if just open some web page pop-up window, a “management exception website” button above.

Step 3:11 21998871111219982387In order to safety, I by adding exception way to implement, open the “exception management web site” button.

steP 4:11 21998871111219982387Make a copy to text box, enter directly, the mouse moved to have added website will appear on the right “delete” button, you can delete.

Sogou browser

Step 1:11 21998871111219982387Click the sogou browser in the top right corner of the “tools” to choose “advertising filtering”, will “enable pop-up window blocking” front “tick away,Refresh.

Baidu browser,

Step 1:11 21998871611219982387Open the baidu browser, in the address bar input bdbrowser: / / Settings press the return key to open.

Step 2:11 21998871211219982387左侧点击高级设置。

step 3:在高级设置页面中找到“广告过滤”,将所在的模块拉到最低位置,即不拦截。

The step 4:关闭浏览器重新打开即可。






step 1:打开UC浏览器,Click on the upper right corner of the three horizontal lines button, enter the “Settings”.

Step 2:11 21998871611219982387In the open window in the switch to “advertisement interception” TAB.

The step 21998871111219982387Uncheck the “intercept pop-up window”, can be lifted to the interception of all website pop-up window operations.

cheetahs browsers

Step 1: open the cheetah browser, enter to set to allow pop-up Windows.

Step 2:11 21998871411219982387In the address bar on the right side click advertising filtering 】 【 small icon.

Step 3:11 21998871411219982387In the display window, click the “pop-up window blocking” on the right side of the switch, the switch is grey.

Step 4, 21998871411219982387Can also be displayed in the window, click the “intercept this no longerSite, so also in this site allow pop-up Windows.

Browser window of the world

Step 1:11 21998871611219982387Window of the world browser pop-up window is advertising filtering capabilities, please open the “Settings”.

Step 2:11 21998871511219982387Find advertising filter. If you don’t want to stop play a window, can choose not to filter any advertising.

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