W88.com WeChat pay more than the merchant credit limit?

WeChat top-up limits, the reason is after all your WeChat account was WeChat limit to pay.Limited amount may be because you do not have the WeChat platform for identity authentication.As long as you submitted in accordance with the requirements of the corresponding identity authentication can solve this problem.

In you encounter WeChat “more than the same day in the merchants WeChat scan code top-up limits” when?Now introduce you to how to solve the problem of WeChat quota.

Step1:We search in WeChat and firstFocus on the public “tencent customer service”.Note that this step is called path to remove limits.

Step2:After entering the “tencent’s customer service,” the public, and click on the lower left corner “service guide” dialog menu, and then select the first “” I’m going to counseling.Click next, carries on the related operations.

Step3:The next step to disclose the information audit account page.


Step4:Input name, commonly used QQ, commonly used WeChat, cancel the limit can be submitted.

WeChat currently has established a risk control department, the national service telephone: 95017.(if you encounter problems in the process of WeChat pay, also can call consulting)

If you have any question on its website, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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