How w88 upgrade Flash plugin?

Using the browser on the computer login game websites will prompt “Adobe Flash Player is not the latest version.This needs us to update the Flash plugin, so how to quickly update Flash plugin?Below small make up just to share with you about web Flash plugin updates of specific methods.

Flash plugin is necessary for web artifacts, are used to implement the SWF file playback, as well as the effect of web video show!

Step 1: 打开“控制面板”,将“查看方法”设置为“大图标”,然后点击“Flash Player”项进入。如下图所示:

Step 2:然后在打开的“Flash Player”设备管理器”窗口中,切换至“高级”选项卡,并点击“立即更新”按钮。如下图所示:

Step 3:In the playOpen the page, click on the “download” – “Adobe Flash Player11.As shown in the figure below:

Step 4, 21998871611219982387Then according to clew click “here” for a download link.As shown in the figure below:

Step when 21998871611219982387Then in the pop-up download file window directly click “open” button, in order to download and run the Flash plug-in.As shown in the figure below:

Step 6:11 21998871411219982387According to the installation wizard, click “next” to install directly.As shown in the figure below:

Step 7:11 21998871411219982387According to clew further complete Flash plugin update operations.As shown in the figure below:

Step “21998871411219982387Finally to restart your browser and complete the FlaSh plug-in update operations.

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