W88.com how to circumvent the alipay and WeChat annual quota?

In the era of the convenient payment, most mobile group have the habit of using alipay or WeChat pay.Either transfer or buy things sweep yards payments, will pay in limit problems.Below small make up teach you to easily cope with, the two big platform pay limitation problems how to solve!

Pay for the 1) WeChat 200000 / limit of

(2) pay treasure to balance pay limitation is divided into three types of account:

Ⅰ classes: binding a bank card.

(1000 yuan/lifetime)

Ⅱ categories: on the basis of Ⅰ class binding a bank card of other bank or upload id.

($100000 / year)

Ⅲ categories: on the basis of Ⅱ class complete the following two kinds: use pay treasure to pay gas, electricity, gas fee, cable TV fee;Use pay treasure to buy insurance, buy train ticket, buy the ticket;Open sesame credit, etc.

($200000 / year)

Any payment in balance accounts (except withdrawal), including Qian Chong into the balance in the balance of Po and transfer to others will be reducedLess balance payments.

Some members are superior to us DE W88, online customer service consulting, cap 200000 is not enough deposit game every year, how should do?

WeChat when you over-quota binding bank card, it is ok to use of bank CARDS to pay.This way is simple, direct and effective.

Alipay, although there is a limit balance of payment, but the use of bank CARDS, balance, spend bai pay treasure payment tool consumption is not included in the balance of payments.

1, the use of bank CARDS and quick pay, direct use of silverThe sum of the line card.

2, use the balance to pay treasure, must pay attention to the “balance of balance transferred to treasure” button to turn off, or unconsciously will be deducted from the balance of payments.

3, ants spend bai, enjoy the grace period of one month, expires directly from a bank card payments will not deduct 200000 lines.

If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service 24 hours a day.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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