The first round of the premier league tournament recommend 2017-2017

Beijing time on August 12, 02 when 45 in the morning, the premier league 2017-2017 season opener.In the first round of the first, Arsenal emirates stadium against leicester city.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team The 2017/8/12 (Saturday)02:45Arsenalleicester 2017/8/12 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.watfordLiverpool 2017/8/12 (Saturday)22:00Chelseaburnley 2017/8/12 (Saturday)22:00The crystal palaceHa, 2017/8/12 (Saturday)22:00evertonStoke city 2017/8/12 (Saturday)22:00West brombournemouth 2017/8/12 (Saturday)22:00SouthamptonSwansea 2017/8/13 (Sunday)00:30BrightonManchester city 2017/8/13 (Sunday)Manner ofNewcastlespurs 2017/8/13 (Sunday)23:00Manchester unitedWest ham

Arsenal v leicester in

What to watch for

Premier league first unveiled Friday: nearly 129 new season of the premier league to adjust the amount of time spent in, on Friday night will be.On the opening day of Arsenal and leicester city in 129 for the first time in the history of the English top flight in the opening game on Friday night, so very conspicuous.

Him out for new signings into focus: last week’s community shield match, ArsenalAfter a penalty shoot-out defeat Chelsea’s title, the new season’s first championship.This time against leicester city, wenger also hope to be able to obtain.Also face a serious problem, but Arsenal’s star sanchez will be absent because of abdominal injury, the surgery, he and paulista also tired frequently because of injury.New signings can draw CARDS zett for premiership debut goal?It has become the focus.

Leicester city road difficult to shock: leicester city last season, lost their aura, as on the premiership title last season, blue fox legion at the middle and lower reaches of position finally.Leicester city want to return this season isn’t great, this timeAgainst Arsenal, one can take away from the emirates stadium will complete the task is complete.The cena Joe is expected to debut, but DE link walter and igbo pull or will be injured.

Between trailing Arsenal: there are 136 meetings record in the history of both sides, 63-45 ping 28 Arsenal have the upper hand, conceding 255 goals in 167.The home game against the legions of blue fox and the gunners won 41-20 flat 6 MEDALS, conceding 150 goals in 63.Arsenal in recent 10 at home against leicester city in the premier league wins in a row.

Optimal DE W88 westArsenal party sports remind: the game recommended 1 ball games.

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