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Baidu purse is by the world’s largest Chinese search engine baidu, is China’s leading online payment application and service platform.Baidu’s wallet has the industry leading payment technology, for the user’s information, payments and account security escort.Optimal DE W88 hereby introduced baidu wallet for our members to use, allow the user to easily enjoy the “one-stop” work style in the era of mobile payment life!

How to download the baidu the wallet APP?

1, mobile phone enter the page of baidu, search input (email & # 160; protecteD] “, in “Baidu wallet” direct number .As shown in the figure below:

2, click on the “wallet” baidu “security download”.As shown in the figure below:

【 login method 】

Login baidu wallet support two ways:

1) login baidu account.
2) phone number + SMS verification and quick to log in.

Users binding bank card, can enjoy preferential of safe, convenient and mobilePay:

Download the APP, baidu purse after binding the corresponding bank card, can enter the optimal DE W88 website deposit oh ~

Login optimal DE W88 website, after deposit payment page select “baidu wallet”, input “deposit” and then click the “deposit”.As shown in the figure below:

Single deposit limits: 20-1000 yuan.

Into the wallet “baidu” mobile phone app client, click on the home page top leftAngle “scan”, scanning deposit the collection “qr code” in the page pops up.As shown in the figure below:

(please submit your order after 5 minutes Finish the payment, otherwise the order will be automatically cancelled.)When you need to deposit page to resubmit again after deposit information for payment operation!

Instant payment, instant to account!Convenient, quick and safe!”Baidu wallet” worth having!

If you have any question in the process of payment, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours onlineClothing.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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