W88 optimal DE w88 carnival paradise

Optimal DE W88, has introduced new platform – carnival paradise 】 【 hot stimulation.Hot new games, surprise, bonus constantly!Login immediately chang win experience ~

The carnival paradise 】 Hot game covers: “animal planet”, “fish king supremacy”, fu lu ShouXi, dice treasure 】 【 】, “the monkey climbing trees”, “westward journey supremacy”, and “to meet the god of wealth”.The diagram below:

The carnival paradise 】 Have sinceHas independent wallet account: wallet – PG F4 carnival paradise 】 【 platform.

Warm prompt: Do this wallet before transfer, need you to exit the game page.

Please enter the circulation desk page will center the purse 】 【 】 the amount transfer to purse the F4 carnival paradise 】 【.The diagram below:

Animal planet

the meteor: random leave 1-11 lamp, equivalent to issue 2-12 awards at the same time.

Fish king ii.

Bomb: the picture several times within the scope of explosion, cause frequency rangeThe scope of damage.
Bit gun: kill the fish only players can obtain “bit gun”.

Fu lu shou xi

Enter the Mosaic gold little game can have one of the Mosaic gold!

Dice Po

Super simple style, many people sit at the same table competition: for players to create a real casino immersive experience.

The monkey to climb trees,

Game will randomly appear X2, X4, X6 three special odds, in addition to send a monkey.

Westward journey ii.

when the wu is empty victory against, players have the opportunity to obtain maximum 24 lights.

To meet the god of wealth,

Enter the Mosaic gold small game can get one of the Mosaic gold!

A new game, a new experience.Many popular games, big prize, starcraft big winners together ~

If you have any question in the process of game, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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