W88.com jingdong wallet to pay

【 jingdong wallet safe and convenient portable electronic payment of the purse.Simple operation, easy to pay, anytime and anywhere.Now provide (Android) Android version and apple (iPhone) version of the download.With deposits, instant to account, immediately download experience ~

As one of the current online payment platform, jingdong wallet to pay treasure, the ice WeChat wallet and QQ users, on the use of operating won’t have too big change, but there is no use for some users of online payment is a problem.The followingSmall make up tell you simple, deposit the web when how to use “jingdong wallet” payment!

Jingdong’s three APP – jingdong wallet jingdong 】 【 】 【 jingdong financial 】.

At present, the sweep of jingdong wallet 】 【 code function has moved to 【 jingdong financial 】.The diagram below:

You need to download the APP or jingdong 】 【 APP, jingdong financial 】 【 2 APP can sweep the code in this payment.The diagram below:

After the download is complete, please log in optimal DE W88 website, enter the account pageChoose payment, jingdong wallet 】 【 input “deposit” and then click the “deposit”.As shown in the figure below:

Single deposit limits: 20-1000 yuan.

Please enter the “jingdong” or “jingdong financial” mobile phone app client, click on the left upper corner of the home page “sweep sweep”, scanning the collection “qr code” in the pop-up deposit page.As shown in the figure below:

(please submit your order after 5 minutes Finish the payment, otherwise the orderList will be automatically cancelled.)When you need to deposit page to resubmit again after deposit information for payment operation!

Instant payment, instant to account!Quick to pay, anytime and anywhere for you to create a more extreme network payment ~

If you have any question in the process of payment, please contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service.We will serve you wholeheartedly!

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