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Benfica VS Paris st,

2015In ,07In ,19 08:30 The champions leagueBenfica vsParis saint German to bring you a wonderful game,

Benfica Portuguese league last season, 3Rivals Porto winning pressure points advantage, but the team in the champions league cup game did not go far, group is eliminated, the with Porto.benficaAfter coach jorge, Dr Jesus maiz-apellaniz resigned, the legion coach for the team won 10 championships, by last season’s new season benfica guimaraes coach rui as Victoria.Benfica no recent warm-up match record reference, the state of the team in question.

Paris st germain won three consecutive season in ligue 1 champions, this is also the team take after burn, initial return.Paris st germain eliminated Chelsea last season, broke into the last eight teams double events have achieved good results.Paris st germain in the season announced the signingAfter the German goalkeeper, oprah winfrey, manager jean-claude blanc have expressed great interest, di maria wants to introduce to complement the team’s strength.

Recent six official games the two sides met records, benfica has achieved 3- 2Flat 1Record,An advantage.

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