How w88 casino forced to destroy refresh the page to hijack?

Malicious hackers took up again?In the browser input optimal DE website puzzling to jump to other websites?For this kind of malicious hijacked, small make up teach you fix a recruit!!!!!!

Computer version of the user: meet its web browser hijack only need to hold down the keyboard at the same time [Ctrl + F5] can force refresh.

The android mobile phone

1. Open the mobile browser.(for UCExample)

2. Enter the url page.

3. Choose to refresh the address of the link and point to the right of the [enter].

4. Click on the browser below the “three” icon, click on the “refresh”.

Apple mobile phone

1. Open the safari browser.

2. Click on the address barOpen the web page.

3. Pull up the page, in the address bar, find the circular direction arrow, click refresh.

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