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On June 13, 2017, 21 PM 45 points, the foot will visit Syria’s temporary home city of malacca, Malaysia welcomed with Syria’s World Cup qualifier in 2018 Asia championship round 8 12.

World Cup Asian game master – South Korea, the guest in Iran’s achievement must not bad, but now hope to qualify the situation, can only say that the team’s first half cycle of too much debt.If you still want to continue qualification hopes, the priority field is scored 3 points.

12 “and then there were three rounds, only 5 pointsOf the team’s if you still want to catch up with 12 points ranked third uzbekistan in order to get a play-off qualifications, then the last three games, all nine points is required to complete tasks.

Pre-match press conference, when it comes to the Chinese team head coach hakim said: “since last October, lippi arrives, some changes have taken place in China, but in tomorrow’s game we are not too many consider the technique features of the Chinese team, but play to its own characteristics. The Chinese team captain, because lack of war injuries, but anyway, we hope to win the game.”And for the “home” in MalaysiaWhether have fans support problem, the manager said: “we haven’t lost in this, we have to fight for the fans, but where is the play are the same.”

The starting

The team’s (433) : 1 – Ceng Cheng;4 – to peng, 6 – Feng Xiaoting ginger, 2 – Ren Hang, 5 – zhang linpeng;16 – bowen huang, 15 – Wu Xi, 11 – junmin hao;14 – Mrs Wang, 9 – yuning zhang, 7 – lei.
Syria (451) : 1 – ibrahim – al horse;Saleh, 3-2Jg, 5 – m o dani, 6 – zegna.9 – horse gas, 14 – tower MEL haji, 20 — khalid jose valle DE, 12 – and Mr. Dooney, 18 – al the nano;19 – Marty g – omar Chianti


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