W88.com, a new version of the android APP mobile client

New updated version of the android APP client has cut!!!!!!Four mobile combination, providing sports, real casino, slot machines, and through the four products.New version do not need to be discharged, you can be installed directly to the game!Optimal DE W88 help you master the betting anytime and anywhere, gain points minutes!Four unity chang to play games, the second mention them all in the palm!

Download and install

If your phone has been installed Club W88 client, without having to uninstall, can be installed.If you haven’tInstallation, small make up teach you to easily download installation.

Login optimal DE W88 website to scan the qr code to download mobile pages 】 【.At this point you can use the “qr code scanner to scan qr code to download accordingly, the following steps:

Download the installation is complete.Login page registered account 】 【 function, cell phone to help you easily complete registration!Operation and web version synchronization!The diagram below:

New feature, the reported, hand!All use feeling and web edition, game play optimal DE W88 immediately~

The bottom of the page to update the display with “money management”, awarding the club, and preferential 】 【 】 【 】 online customer service, etc. Function.

No matter you in any interface to switch to the page you want to see.The diagram below:

Sports page provides “Oriental sports”, western sports and virtual sports 】 【 】.

Offering has been provided to narrow card 】 【 baccarat – intelligent, “super three”, four baccarat 】 【 optimal, super 98 baccarat, roulette 】 【 】 and 【Baccarat 】 and 【 21 】 and 【 dice treasure 】.The diagram below.

Slot club provides six games [kanaike], “golden”, “golden cup”, gold emperor, and spittor 】 【 】 【 gold Vatican 】 club.The diagram below.

Lottery offers a happy [color] and the latest lottery betting game PK10 】 【 car number.

“Download area” will provide a rich alone game for you to choose from.You can choose your favorite game download to mobile phone desktop, do not need to every time into the android APP mobile customersEnd find games, saving you valuable win money time!

Andy club game platform (PT) player, can choose to download alone Andy slot machines or mirage real casino 】 【 】.The diagram below:

Use more details welcome consulting 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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