W88360 security guards to repair drive hijacked?

When the computer have Trojan invasion in system appear problem, or have hidden deep virus how we are killing not to come out of time.When should I do?Small make up teach you can fix it all of a big action!

Using 360 security guards, against malicious hijacked, achieve the purpose of repair drive hijacked.First aid kit to use 360 system for first aid is a good choice.360 system first aid kit (formerly known as: “stubborn Trojan killing daqo”) is a powerful system for killing the Trojan horse rescue tools, for all kinds of popular stubborn woodGood horse killing effect, such as 犇 cattle, robot dog, gray pigeons, sweeping waves, disk drives, etc.

Needs in emergency rescue system, the common antivirus software detected is invalid, or the computer infected with a Trojan 360 cannot under the condition of installation and start-up, 360 first-aid kit system it can remove the trojans and suspicious program, powerful and fix the infected system files, inhibition of Trojan regeneration, is the best helper computer need first aid.

1, the first open the 360 security guards, find the system first aid kit in the column on the right side of the, if not, please clickAdd to download, then click next to 【 manage 】.The diagram below:

2, and then will pop up a dialog box, find system first aid kit 】 【 click to enter inside.The diagram below:

3, opened, check the strength model, full scan 】 【 】 if the repair period without a computer, check the best “process control”, after the computer software will not be able to open, and at the same time prevent the spread of the virus.Then click on “start emergency 】.Scanning after restart the computer, scan again until the virus is no longer found.The followingGraph:

Small make up warm prompt you: in order not to delay your good time to make money, regular antivirus is necessary!

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