Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 west yet 38 matches

(Beijing time) on the evening of May 20, 2017 at 23:00, west yet 38 2016/17 wheel will be launched, in a focal point war, Betis A guest against Sporting gijon, .

Date of Time The < stronThe home side g >The visiting team 2017/5/20 (Saturday)02:45granadaThe Spanish 2017/5/20 (Saturday)23:00Sporting gijonbetis 2017 /5/21 (Sunday)01:00deportivoMr Rappaport mas 2017/5/21 (Sunday)01:00He inAllah’s 2017/5/21 (Sunday)03:00sevillaosasuna 2017/5/21 (Sunday)And moab5Atletico Madridbilbao 2017/5/21 (Sunday)ifceltaThe royal society 2017/5/21 (Sunday)ifvalenciaVilla, ray, 2017/5/22 (Monday)2:00BarcelonaMr Anwar
2017/5/22 (Monday)2:00malagaReal Madrid

Sporting gijon VS betis,

Sporting gijon,

1. The Spanish team sporting gijon downstream 30 points from 37 league games this season ranked 18th, has downgraded, ahead of the current ceases to beg.

2. Real betis away fighting forceSorrow, 38 points only 13 points on the road this season league (34%).

3. Sporting gijon alvarez is the Spanish midfield before 37 steals, as many as 137 steals (averaging 3.7 steals).

Real betis,

1. In the middle and lower reaches of the Spanish side real betis 38 points from 37 league games this season’s 15th, already serie, without wanting to get too at present.

2. The sporting gijon is la liga is 37 rounds before shooting times more than 2 teams, moreUp to 545 times (averaging 14.7 times).

3. Nearly 10 times the game against real betis 5-3-2 unbeaten rate is 80%, encounter more advantage.

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