Recommend re-scheduled week 37, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time on May 20, 2017 23:59 points, round re-scheduled week 37, Chievo Sat at home against Rome, .Has ceases to beg and was recently dropped chievo facing to state was about to title and fervent Roman, it can only lose when less win?

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/5/20 (Saturday)23:59chievoThe Roman 2017/5/21 (Sunday)02:45NaplesFlorence 2017/5/21 (Sunday)At 21:00AC milanbologna 2017/5/21 (Sunday)At 21:00empoliAtlanta, 2017/5/21 (Sunday)At 21:00GenoaTurin, 2017/5/21 (weeksDay)At 21:00JuventusWithin the g’s 2017/5/21 (Sunday)At 21:00Mr Solowcagliari 2017/5/21 (Sunday)At 21:00udinesesamp 2017/5/22 (Monday)02:45lazioInter milan 2017/5/23 (Tuesday)02:45pescaraPalermo

Chievo vs Rome,

Chievo are

Chievo last round of league away 1-1 draw by sampdoria, two rounds of league recently suffered a 1-1 draw, the team some frustrated ambition.

Chievo 36 of the current serie a league win 12 July 17, came13th place.In the case of two rounds of remaining in the barclays premier league relegation zone 12 point lead, avoid relegation success ahead of schedule, but basic hopeless fight for champions league qualification, the team has ceases to beg, so to speak.

Chievo’s recent decline, eight rounds of lost five league games, and every game is opponents scored at least two goals, the team defense level is low.It in front of the Roman hitmen, run, I’m afraid.

The recent situation of

‘s 3-1 victory over Juventus last round of league home, and the integral points difference to 4 points.In the case of two rounds of remaining in the barclays premier league, Rome must keep wins and expect opponents don’t score to surpass the serie a championship.

Rome is 36 serie a round won 26-3-7, second in the league, and the top Juventus has four points, lift the scudetto situation is not optimistic, initiative, at least, not in our own hands.

But the Roman state hot recently, 11 league team recently lost just one of the field, and win nine games can be reached at least two goals, the face chievo of defensive ability is weak, nearly six rounds of league away almost all Roman vie didn’tA suspense.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: this plug recommend Rome to 0-0.5 ball games.

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