W88.com slot free rotation – video tutorial

After you made slot machines free rotation, how correct fast access to the corresponding game for free rotation?Small make up with concise short tutorial video, one step operation hold you!Chang anytime and anywhere to win is not a dream ~

Computer users please stamp: http://anecdn.w88media.com/CN/vid/Gameplay-Interactive-Slots-Free-Rounds-Desktop-CN.mp4

The mobile version withDoor please stamp: http://anecdn.w88media.com/CN/vid/Gameplay-Interactive-Slots-Free-Rounds-Mobile-CN.mp4

Please follow the steps below to receive:

1. Please enter the best website: www.w88.com, log in your account information.

2. Please enter to get free rotary club and the game, click enter the game will jump out of the popup window, please click to receive it.The

Slot machines free rotating member, we will through the stand inside letter, text message or phone call for you this special offer free rotation opportunities!

More favorable and details please consult 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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