Premier league matches 35 recommended w88 casino2016-2017

Beijing time 22:00 on April 29, 2017, Southampton in vsHull city, League against hull city, Southampton get 8-3-2, nearly all four home clash, mental advantages.

Date of Time The home team “The strong> the visiting team 2017/4/29 (Saturday)22:00SouthamptonHull city 2017/4/29 (Saturday)22:00Stoke cityWest ham 2017/4/29 (Saturday)22:00sunderlandbournemouth 2017/4/29 (Saturday)22:00West bromLester 2017/4/30 (Sunday)00: 30The crystal palaceburnley 2017/4/30 (Sunday)At 19:00Manchester unitedSwansea 2017/4/30 (Sunday)21:05evertonChelsea 2017/4/30 (Sunday)21:05Middlesbrough,Manchester city 2017/4/30 (Sunday)23:30spursArsenal 2017/5/02 (Tuesday)03:00walterfordLiverpool

Match analysis:

Southampton dozen recent trend to open, close to 16 matches played 13 games ball, than earlier in the season of dozen has more passion, recent defeat opponents are traditional strong teams, in the recent 5 scenes of the middle and lower reaches of the team had 4 win 1 draw, the team has just encounter with Manchester city and Chelsea have two defeats, rebound fighting spirit back home are not low.Main striker and byd, who returned from injury.

Hull city 33 34 premiership has the ball in the second half, and at least two goals in as many as 23, after great success rate in the second halfHigh.Attack is strong weak, ball has soared, recently hit seven 2.5, eight premiership game 1 also has two goals, including five 3.5 super ball.Although many injured players, but they are all old injuries, the recent rebound credited with no injuries, the squad is complete.

Southampton in the premiership, veteran teams play well but in the way of attack, insufficient stability verification, the season 11-7-14, 9 tied for the premiership.Newly promoted hull city hard power is very weak, record this season, slag, but change effect is obvious, the current premier league 9-6 level, for the premier league last 4, leading the relegation zone 2 points.

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