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Beijing time at 2 April 29, 2017, 45, yet 35 rounds of Angers vsLyon in , angers the main may rotate, the angers 7 points above the relegation zone, avoid relegation pressure is not obvious, there is no clear of relegation battle.

Date of timeThe home team The visiting team 2017/4/29 (Saturday)02:45angersLyon 2017/4/29 (Saturday)02:45MonacoToulouse, 2017/4/30 (Sunday)2:00maceNancy 2017/4/30 (Sunday)2:00nanteslorient 2017/4/30 (Sunday)2:00guingampSt. dean 2017/4/30 (Sunday)02:00bastiaRyan 2017/4/30 (Sunday)2:00Montpellier,lille 2017/4/30 (Sunday)At 21:00caenmarseille 2017/4/30 (Sunday)23:00Dijonbordeaux

2017/5/01 (Monday)03:00niceSaint germain

Angers status:

Angers midweek attended the French cup match, the result they won at home, the team full in midweek, the tournament over the weekend, there is no consider and Lyon, after all, now they already avoid relegation in the league success.

Observation about angers recent game rule, it is not hard to find, as long as the team and team training game, they generally lose itTeams including in marseille, Monaco and Paris st germain, now the team the scoring 39 points, although before the end of the season in theory is not completely avoid relegation, but according to the ligue 1, line this season, they have already quite safe, and the next team fixtures and lorient and montpellier, both easy and can take it at any time, so the week in a physical fitness back under the premise of this team should not set any obstacle for Lyon.

Lyon are:

Lyon Europa league also strong promotion to the final four strong, but very difficult to win, the team still need to make sure that European warSeats, the present situation of the team is more optimistic, with a game under the premise of a point of bordeaux.

Round of league although home to resist, but eventually, the score of the 2-1 defeat by Monaco, Lyon this season in the showdown between actually, apart from in front of their old rivals marseille can keep unbeaten, really don’t see any advantage in other game, but the French real teams which is two, the rest of the team can say Leon all not afraid.This team in terms of fitness dominant, and in terms of the game itself, and they also have a good relationship and angers, fitness dominant under the premise of road difficultDegree is not big.


Both sides in the history of a total of five meetings, angers made 2 win 1 draw 2, but in recent 2 meetings all ended in Lyon victory.

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