The premier league matches recommended 37 w882016-2017

Beijing time at 2 May 13, 2017, 45, the 37, Everton vsWatford, , the game is the penultimate round of the English game, but everton’s fighting spirit is not strong.Everton have encountered two defeats, currently 58 points ranked seventh.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/5/13 (Saturday)02:45evertonwatford 2017/5/13 (Saturday)03:00West bromChelsea 2017/5/13 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.Manchester cityleicester 2017/5/13 (Saturday)22:00bournemouthburnley 2017/5/13 (Saturday)22:00middlesbroughSouthampton 2017/5/13 (Saturday)22:00sunderlandSwansea 2017/5/14 (Sunday)00:30Stoke cityArsenal 2017/5/14 (Sunday)At 19:00The crystal palaceHull city 2017/5/14 (On Sunday)whenWest hamLiverpool 2017/5/14 (Sunday)23:30spursManchester united

Everton are:

Everton have encountered two defeats, now 58 points ranked seventh, sixth united seven points behind, while west brom team behind him and they have 13 points, so the team this season’s final ranking is the seventh, and sinceManchester united won the league cup, Chelsea and Arsenal meet fa cup final, in fact they are sure to get the qualification for next season’s champions league cup.The game team and rasiej, Coleman, Murray, McCarthy, Bessie, schneider, such as the wounded Lin lennon because of personal reasons will not play again this season.In addition on the round abruptly axed barkley is expected to return to the starting line-up for the game.

Watford are:

Watford now 40 points ranked 15th, leading the bottom third of hull team 6Points, but they had three games left, as long as the game get a points can determine the relegation success, so from the fighting spirit, they are superior to the everton.But recently the team suffered three losses, the road is a five-game losing streak and haven’t scored a goal, the state is not very good.Pereira, Sarah, Watson, Kabul, brito, cathcart and gas injury is Mr Walter mazzarri in the end of the season to 352, but they did not do well in both ends, the team last season and let the black wind force double evil spirit apart, the harlow made super, and his status damagingly, only in the premier leagueScored 10 goals, the game should be hard into the starting lineup.

The game analysis:

Fighting nearly six times, everton 3-2-1 slightly better.This macau give to the Lord for one and a half ball/dish, the concession is higher than the past a few times at goodison park play, for this season at home to everton 12-3-4, or look up a line, but the offer I’m afraid the heat is not low, the cost in the note after cut flat to compensate, cautious, both teams have no strong fighting spirit.

optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommend everton let the game 1 ball games.

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