Recommend re-scheduled week 36 matches w882016-2017

Beijing time on May 13, 2017, 23:59 points and re-scheduled week 36 rounds, Florence in At home, frankie stadium against Lazio in .Lazio’s recent firing again, into the season between dominant;Fiorentina state, can defend the home?

Date of Time The the home team The visiting team 2017/5/13 (Saturday)23:59Florencelazio 2017/5/14 (Sunday)02:45Atlanta,AC milan 2017 /5/14 (Sunday)18:30Inter milanMr Solow 2017/5/14 (Sunday)At 21:00bolognapescara 2017/5/14 (Sunday)At 21:00cagliariempoli 2017/5/14 (Sunday)21:00Within the g’sudinese 2017/5/14 (Sunday)At 21:00PalermoGenoa 2017/5/14 (Sunday)At 21:00sampchievo 2017/5/14 (Sunday)At 21:00Turin,Naples

The 2017/5/15 (Monday)02:45The RomanJuventus

Fiorentina v lazio

Florence in

1. Fiorentina last season 5, 8 of the season, in the case of three rounds left European theater 9 points behind champions league.

Season 2. Florence 12 competitors to the almost, and pull togetherThe season only eight games.


1. Lazio last season, no. 8, 4 this season, leading the Atlanta five points behind, seven points behind the theater.

2. Lazio season scored 2 goals damage re-scheduled week 4, damage in Florence.

3. Both sides nearly six meetings, lazio 5-1, 15 than 6 dominant goal, nearly four meetings are all ball.

Optimal DE W88 western sports remind: recommended lazio for the game side wins.

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