Recommend west re-scheduled week 37, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time on May 15, 2017 at 2:00 am, west re-scheduled week 37 2016/17 wheel will be launched, in a focal point war, Barcelona A guest against Las palmas, .Defending champion Barcelona want, must ensure that they don’t make mistakes, it road, Barcelona goal is 3 points, if lose points, Barcelona basic will not defending.

The date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/5/13 (Saturday)22:00The Spanishvalencia 2017/5/14 (Sunday)00:30osasunagranada 2017/5/14 (Sunday)22:00Allah’scelta 2017/5/15 (Monday)2:00bilbaoHe in 2017/5/15 (Monday)2:00betisAtletico Madrid

The 2017/5/15 (Monday)2:00Mr AnwarSporting gijon 2017/5/15 (Monday)2:00Mr Rappaport masBarcelona 2017/5/15 (Monday)2:00Real Madridsevilla 2017/5/15 (Monday)2:00The royal societymalaga 2017/5/8 (Monday)2:00Villa, ray,deportivo

Las palmas VS Barcelona in


In the history of la liga, twoBarcelona team encounter 65 times, 39-7 level, goal for 149-58.League this season in the first meeting between both sides, a 5-0 victory over Barcelona, suarez scored twice, Lionel messi, figure and vidal each scored a goal.Last season, las palmas 2-1 home defeat to Barcelona.

State resolution:

Barcelona currently ranked first, but with real Madrid, and played a game more, accordingly, want to defending the Spanish champions Barcelona, not making mistakes is the premise.Against las palmas, Barcelona goal is 3 points.Recent events, Barcelona has made 4 in a row, the team condition is good, it, the home side, I’m afraid it is difficult to stop Barcelona.At the end of the season to enter, the Barcelona can retain the attention, surplus plus international has been linked to international top sports events go along.

Las palmas 14th place, already avoid relegation, they have five consecutive league games, obviously there are some relaxation at the end of the season, a home, they by atletico Madrid 5-0 in the slaughter.It against Barcelona, las palmas want revenge, but the difficulty is very big.

Look out for:

Cristiano ronaldo in the champions league, messi can only the Spanish league and cupTo participate, in la liga, Lionel messi has scored 35 goals, basic lock in the premier league golden boot.It, messi will continue to attention.It is worth mentioning that messi goals in five games recently, single-game scoring two goals, it, messi will continue to brace?

In addition, in Barcelona against las palmas at the same time, real Madrid will kick-off at the same time, at home against sevilla.Two games every score changes, can be about the Spanish champions.It will make a great loss if real Madrid, Barcelona to retain the hope, but the premise is Barcelona have to win.

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