Recommend w882016 32-2017 bundesliga matches

Beijing time 02 a.m. on May 6, 2017, 32 of the bundesliga round, a game of Cologne, Will be in the home match against werder. Werder Bremen .Torn between the two teams ranking in the war zone, both sides are expected to win next season’s champions league qualification, the game, the two teams meet ShiYao cologne to rivals.

Date of whenRoom ,The home team The visiting team 2017/5/6 (Saturday)02:30cologneWerder Bremen 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30Borussia Dortmundhoffenheim 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30The door is popularaugsburg 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30frankfWolff, 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30Bayern MunichDarmstadt tower 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 21:30Eng starkBayer leverkusen 2017/5/7 (Sunday)00:30Hertha BerlinLai than red bull 2017/5/7 (Sunday)At 21:30Hamburgmainz 2017/5/7 (Sunday)23:30freiburgSchalke 04

Cologne profiles of

Cologne high on nine of the bundesliga last season, this season and last season was flat, with 10-12-9 42 points ranked eighth place, behind the European theater club werder Bremen 3 points.Cologne on the wheel’s challenge borussia Dortmund, two teams finished goalless with the game ended 0-0, cologne to harvest two draw, nearly round straight flat 2 negative hardly well.15 rounds of the season at home, cologne, 7-6-2 a mediocre, scored 23 goals, goals conceded in 14 balls, team still work well.

Bremen general situation of

Werder Bremen in 13 of the bundesliga last season, the season ranking soared, with 13-6-12 ranks sixth championship, only seventh freiburg 1 point lead, lead the 3 points, champions league qualification is not insurance.Last round home game against hertha Berlin, werder Bremen limit the opponent to play well, and scored two goals, the final 2-0 victory at home, in the past 8 wins and two draws unbeaten league with 10 games.Werder Bremen away also very trustworthy, is obtained in the recent six road 4 win 2 draw, unbeaten during tappingInto 16, but five games in the sheet, defensive problems still exist.

event analysis

From record, two teams really close, six meetings, cologne 1-4-1 and neck with rivals, including both at home and harvest the draw, play the first leg of the season, cologne’s 1-1 draw with rivals.

The game against both sides are expected to appear next season on the European theater, so both sides for the game are determined.From the recent state, werder Bremen performance obviously on opponents, the outside world to cologneOpen flat hemisphere, afternoon on the plate water level improved, in the face of such a strong team, under the condition of the outside world can still to cologne on main dish, it is a good sign for the team.

But over the past two home games, cologne and werder Bremen a tie, the visiting team status is better, although it is given priority to with flat hemisphere, but with a state of cologne, such positions will be convinced that therefore support the momentum better than werder Bremen.

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