Recommend west re-scheduled week 36, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time at 3 a.m. on May 6, 2017, 00, Sevilla, VSThe royal society in Achieved, both sides nearly 10 meetings, sevilla three wins and a draw six, encounter disadvantage.Under the same home and away, sevilla nearly 10 times the home game against real sociedad, has made seven wins and a draw 2, confrontation obvious advantages.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/5/6 (Saturday)03:00sevillaThe royal society 2017/5/6 (Saturday)At 19:00Sporting gijonMr Rappaport mas 2017/5/6 (Saturday)”Atletico MadridMr Anwar 2017/5/7 (Sunday)00:30BarcelonaVilla, ray, 2017/5/7 (Sunday)02:45granadaReal Madrid 2017/5/7 (Sunday)18:00Allah’sbilbao 2017/5/7 (Sunday)”valenciaosasuna 2017/5/8 (Monday)00:30Deportivo Wayne rooneyThe Spanish 2017/5/8 (Monday)02:45malagacelta 2017/5/9 (Tuesday)02:45He inbetis

Match analysis:

Saturday morning in la liga 36 rounds a game first, sevilla last round away unexpectedly 2-4 defeat malaga, is surely a little upset, after losing more than 3 points and 3 championship of atletico Madrid is a certain gap, but fortunately, the sevilla in the top four position is relatively stable, they are five points ahead of the fifth villarreal, so as long as the teamThe rest of the game have a normal play, next season’s champions league qualification is in our own hands, this round home game against real sociedad, sevilla ShiYao wash a walking stick;And royal society also should struggle for Europa league qualification, the harvest a third consecutive 7 they has risen to the table with only 2 points at a distance of 5 villarreal, now the team during the streak and no significant injury, the attack will be the only goal, this time for pease Juan stadium, menacing the royal society.

The plate starting grids to sevilla and a half/one high water, considering the visitors are so brave, the home teamStill has the strength of this concession is the certainly, after a note on the plate water level to maintain high water, while the refers to the main – open at that low, visible institutions in this field for the home team with more confidence, after all, about 10 home sevilla played seven wins, 3 flat of terror, is a typical dragon “home” team, the current data and good somewhat, might as well keep up with the rhythm of a bunch of its home win.

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