Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 west re-scheduled week 34 matches

Beijing time on April 26, 2017, 3 a.m. in the morning, Atletico Madrid VS villarreal, The home team atletico Madrid last weekend league 1-0 rick’s Spanish slouches, striker Craig boltzmann a lethal scoring in the second half, the last four are playing game scoring three goals in total, and games hard war are scored the decisive goal, state is very hot.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/26 (Wednesday)01:30Sporting gijonThe Spanish 2017/4/26 (Wednesday)02:30gran(malaga 2017/4/26 (Wednesday)03:30Atletico MadridVilla, ray, 2017/4/27 (Thursday)01:30Barcelonaosasuna 2017/4/27 (Thursday)02:30valenciaThe royal society
2017/4/27 (Thursday)02:30He inMr Rappaport mas 2017/4/27 (Thursday)03:30Deportivo Wayne rooneyReal Madrid 2017/4/28 (on Friday)01:30Allah’sMr Anwar 2017/4/28 (on Friday)02:30sevillacelta 2017/4/28 (on Friday)03:30bilbaobetis

Match analysis:

Atletico Madrid this season is still the continuation of the previous sharp fighting style, the current team with 20 wins 8 5 negative ranking third.The defence played well, only 24 goals, is a the most defense in la ligaIs tight.Villarreal’s action is not common, proving inconclusive, under the condition of the current league home-country crowd of 33 rounds, the team with 16-9 draws 8 grades ranked fifth.Recent six games, atletico Madrid, slow and steady wins 5 1 flat unbeaten, villarreal mixed bag, 3 record.There have been a number of results, two teams past clash nearly 10 times, atletico Madrid’s record is 5-2-3.

Position analysis:

Very grab an eye, although in recent years atletico Madrid in Spain after the two giants, but with the villa rheaBut hard to get the upper hand of meetings in recent five times to face villarreal just one win a flat three negative, period is only one goal, including the first cycle’s 3-0 defeat of the season, is one of the big team were happy;Today the home team to make a ball of concessions, the plate of low water interval, given the recent performance is more outstanding, the home team is bound to get more attention, banker this suspected on the lure, coupled with the home team in continuous games were hanging battle, consumption.The guest the whole play is rising recently, this war atletico Madrid afraid old scores are not reported to add the new hate.

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