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Beijing time on April 24, 2017 02:45 points, Juventus VS Genoa , Juventus in the champions league semi-final will face of Monaco ligue 1, compared with atletico Madrid and real Madrid, Monaco is perhaps the least favored by people in the team, but nedved said juve must come up with the best state against opponents.

Game date Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/23 (Sunday)00:00Atlanta,bologna 2017/4/23 (Sunday)02:45Florenceinter 2017/4/23 (Sunday)18:30Mr SolowNaples 2017/4/23 (Sunday)At 21:00udinesecagliari 2017/4/23 (Sunday)At 21:00chievoTurin, 2017/4/23 (Sunday)At 21:00lazioPalermo 2017/4/23 (Sunday)At 21:00Ted sampley theWithin the g’s 2017/4/23 (Sunday)At 21:00AC milanempoli 2017/4/ 24 (Monday)02:45JuventusGenoa 2017/4/24 (Monday)02:45pescaraThe Roman

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This season away game against Genoa, was hammered 3-0 in the first half, hope to be able to finish this round revenge.Didn’t think of a coincidence, just the game after the champions league second leg against Barcelona, and the result is exciting, zero Barcelona, I married two round promotion to smoothlyThe champions league semi-finals, and in three other teams in the draw strength relatively weak in Monaco.With the joyful mood, just say a few words more.To win the champions league is the dream of every juve players and fans, and Juventus are also on its way to continuous efforts for the final victory.Serie a win at the same time, the achievements are also step by step close, this also is an important goal of Juventus.So the game against Genoa, and can’t relax vigilance, although in midweek consumes a lot of physical strength, is bound to rotation, but home still need to take three points.

After the creation of the champions league semi-finals, each big gambling company all think that this is real MadridFavourite season in the champions league, Monaco odds to win the championship in last place.Indeed, club Monaco are ranked among the lowest in the four team, in terms of players known earlier than the other three teams.But they have eliminated Manchester city and borussia Dortmund in the last four, let people know and admire, barca all about horses, such as a demon, its strength is difficult to estimate.

Juve in the history of the champions league had met in the semifinals of the 1997-98 season, Juventus 4-1 win at home at that time, the second leg at 2-3 defeat, the total score of 6-4.The bianconeri after defeat to the royal horse in the finalDelhi.And four times in the history of Juventus in the champions league semi-final with French team, in the face of bordeaux respectively is 1984-85 season, 1992-93 season in the face of Paris, in the face of 1995-1995 season 1997-98 season and Monaco, 4 times all is final Juventus.

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