Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 west re-scheduled week 33 matches

April 22, 2017, 19 (Beijing time) at 0, west re-scheduled week 33 rounds of Malaga versus valencia in Plays an intense fight, believe in malaga versus valencia will bring a great game for us.

Date of Time The home team”/ strong >The visiting team 2017/4/22 (Saturday)At 19:00malagavalencia 2017/4/22 (Saturday)”Villa, ray,He in 2017/4/23 (Sunday)00:30osasunaSporting gijon 2017/4/23 (Sunday)02:45The SpanishAtletico Madrid 2017/4/23 (Sunday)18:00The royal societyDeportivo Wayne rooney 2017/4/23 (Sunday)”celtaBetty’ 2017/4/24 (Monday)00:30Mr Rappaport masAllah’s 2017/4/24 (Monday)02:45Real MadridBarcelona 2017/4/25 (Tuesday)02:45Mr Anwarbilbao

Match analysis:

Two teams this season opener, malaga’s 2-2 draw with valencia, nearly three meetings between 1 flat and nearly eight league meetings only win one game, against loss.Mara and wheel at 2-0 defeat to deportivo la coruna, refrain from league two wins a short-lived rebound trend, foot 6 games last nine games, nearly eight at home also has 6 defeat, state clearly.And draw 0-0 valencia last home strong strong seville, recently four rounds of Spanish 3 win 1 draw, the recent trend was considerable, in a rallyHead.Malaga at present there are 11 points ahead of the relegation zone, and avoid relegation pressure;Valencia is behind the war zone 13, want to pursue has also is not real.

Position analysis:

The macau the dish on the plate to let the ball discs to malaga Lord let the flat side of water, instant upside than starting grids keep sharp precipitation;Ceases to two sides outside of the dialogue, state of malaga in the face of recent state back to yong bats, main dish stable, it is naturally.

Optimal DE W88, western sports recommendation: push malaga 0 ball wins the game.

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