W88.com method recommended re-scheduled week 34 matches. 2016-2017

Beijing time on April 22, 23 o ‘clock in the evening, 2017 round the 34th ligue 1, Paris saint germain in Sat at home against Montpellier, .Paris saint germain has 77 points placed second, recently made 7 wins in a row, morale and status are in peak condition.

Date of The The home team The visiting team 2017/4/22 (Saturday)23:00Saint germainMontpellier, 2017/4/23 (Sunday)2:00Dijonangers 2017/4/23 (Sunday)2:00lorientmace 2017/4/23 (Sunday)2:00bordeauxbastia 2017/4/23 (Sunday)2:00lilleguingamp 2017/4/23 (Sunday)2:00caennantes 2017/4/23 (Sunday)At 21:00Toulouse,nice 2017/4/23 (Sunday)23:00St. deanRyan 2017/4/24 (Monday)03:15LyonMonaco

Match analysis:

At a buoyant mace in midweek game to the team full advantage but ultimately relies on the dead thrilling 3-2 defeat opponents, the tournament had 7 wins in a row.Team since Barcelona in the champions league was reversal, no one can block, back to the domestic market is in the league cup final is no massacre limelight at that time two of Monaco, the team in the seven games in a row, each to be able to score two goals or more, the offensive line led by god front cavani, almost invulnerable, state is very hot.Now for the second in the league, playing more of a caseTemporarily under the most narrowly behind the leaders of Monaco, the team in addition to its own cannot make mistakes, also need to balance under the condition of the champions league hopes that Monaco was the snipers.

Montpellier, 39 points ranked 12th at present, the recent six games record of 2 wins and a draw 3 negative, into eight goals and conceded 10 goals, improvements in the recent state.At home against relegation last round of league pushovers lorient, the team was established early advantage, eventually rival 2-0 victory, won the league two straight, and both games opponent is the direct rival of relegation, state is pretty good.With the two crucial victory, for the moment, the throwAway from the relegation zone, avoid relegation prospects.Team setbacks over the past couple of seasons is very obvious, especially on defense, to concede this season is a record high in recent years, poor defense become a drag on, but the team recently several rounds of the league by the old captain performance of Hilton and star mark in the centre of defence, continuous is both a key battle.

Between the two teams are not like, holy day in Paris, recent gains in all 7 wins in a row, cavani, di maria and misty edie is scored twice in succession, competitive state is good, the game at home, Paris saint germain beat his opponent.

Paris saint germain is one of the two teams ligue 1 unbeaten at home, 16 home winning percentage is close to 7, and to six goals to become the strongest French defense force, has a strong at home.

16 Montpelier road performance is poorer, season away only two wins, unbeaten rate is less than 4, make the team score a lot of open offense, but at the same time appear larger gap, at present to 39 goals become French defense force of the worst road team, the characteristics of weak attack strong defence obvious formulate corresponding tactics are easy to be rivals, it’s powerfulParis saint germain certainly belongs to the disadvantage of one party.

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