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1:00 am, Beijing time on April 1 morning, 2016-2017, the French league round will compete for 31 ligue 1 mid-table Ryan 8 last season, the season also 8, 11 points behind Lyon, avoid relegation easy European wars.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/1 (Saturday)01:00guingampNancy 2017/4/1 (Saturday)23:00marseilleDijon 2017/4/2 (Sunday)01:00bastialille 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00RyanLyon 2017/4/2 (Sunday)23:00lorientcaen 2017/4/2 (Sunday)23:00nantesangers 2017/4/ 2 (Sunday)23:00Montpellier,Toulouse, 2017/4/3 (Monday)03:00nicebordeaux 2017/4/10 (Monday)2:00MonacoSt. dean 2017/4/10 (Monday)2:00maceParis st,

Ryan vs Lyon in

The data interpretation 】

1, fighting nearly six times, lane 2 win 1 draw 3 negative, into 6 balls, 7 ball, ball 2 times, small ball 4 times.Against law currently sit at the end of the season last time 17 rounds, Ryan 0-1 Lyons, landed on the road.
2, Ryan currently in ninth in the table with 39 points, seven points from the champions league tickets, still have a long way to go.
3, Lyon currently ranked fourth in the league with 50 points, accounting for a ticket Europa.Lyon away to clear off lately, nearly eight road 1-2-5, the victory came from Europa.Defeat to Lyon in ligue 1 last 1-2 Paris, 2 in a row all competitions, morale hit.

【 competition intelligence 】

1, Ryan has 28 goals, 30 rounds before the home scored 20 and goals depend on at home.
2, Ryan at nearly 10 only been Paris zero sealing, home scoring efficiency is higher.
3, Lyon in recent 10 matches only 2 gamesAnd all at home.
4, Lyon striker card zett have 23 goals, in the French second top scorer.

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