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Barcelona VSUnited

Beijing time 7In ,26On Sunday morning, 04 point 00Points, the guinness book of World Cup the division of a focal point war, Manchester united will be fighting rivals Barcelona.This is united by the guinness book of World Cup game 3, the first two rounds were defeated Mexican American and local teams in SAN jose earthquakes.And this is the Barcelona game 2 of the guinness book of World Cup appearance, red and blue in the first leg2-1.Win the NBA league overlord Los Angeles galaxy.Can say, the two sides in the frontGames are in civilian teams well try a knife, the finally ushered in the club level.

History of the two sides met in 13Second, Barcelona in 4- 5Flat 4 Negative.Are nearly twice the two sides met in the warm-up match, Manchester united at a time2-1.To win, at a time90 minutes0-0.Draw a penalty shootout after 0-2.The defeated.

Whether it is a monster knife pedro, basic finalize or Louis van gaal’s mouth of the “mysterious striker,” Manchester united this season signings strength compared to last season more than ever, even in the whole football are also unique.But at the same time of constantly signings, Louis van gaal has been cleaning the players, from the active of robin van persie, falcao to not play value.Recently, close to 6000Thousands of pounds for the introduction of the wings of the angel di maria and disorderlyThe transfer rumours.If big signings were in order to strengthen the squad and had to pay the price, but Louis van gaal so fast and frequent replacement for foreign aid, in addition to prove that the blindness of prophase signings, disorder, also caused the financial huge waste.If not convincing achievements in the next match, then Louis van gaal’s future at the team may not optimistic.

Enrique is not plain sailing, in Barcelona last season on record in the trough also once with news from out of the team’s star Lionel messi;Don’tEver since then and in terms of the team get, finally in his first season at Barcelona has been a huge success, led the team to the champions league, league cup treble, and Sacramento Kings also kept her shaky position.For the guinness book of World Cup, enrique is not too big ambitions, said in an interview once the tour of the game for the team’s preparation for the new season is not too much profit.But in Lionel messi and the absence of two South American ace omar, enrique gave lafite Virginia, munir, barr’s and so on the team in cultivating young squad more exercise and study.

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