Recommend re-scheduled week 30 matches w882016-2017

Beijing time 4, 2 in the morning 45 points, re-scheduled week 30 rounds of focus of a battle, inter milan against sampdoria at home.This is inter remaining schedule don’t chase the opportunity, in the practical investigation at the same time new signing is a big attraction of the game.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00chievoWithin the g’s 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00Florencebologna 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00GenoaAtlanta, 2017/4/4 (Tuesday)02:45Inter milansamp 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00NaplesJuventus 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00Palermocagliari 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00pescaraAC milan 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00The Romanempoli 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00Mr Solowlazio 2017/4/2 (Sunday)At 21:00Turin,udinese

Inter milan VS sampdoria in

Look out for:

Last chance to compete for three, and then there were nine serie a, inter distance third gap to napoli is still eight points (note: serie a with cases compete with each other, the first cycle inter milan 3-0 defeat to napoli, so many of the Italian media see the 8 point disparity infinite close to 8.5 points), to be fair, inter want to contend for three leftOver periods of chasing scoring is running out.This round of Naples against Juventus, if napoli lose points, inter win approaching the top, so everything has room for everything.But if inter could not manage this, that or anyone.

Actual combat to investigate new signings: according to su ning sports before, whether can inter into the champions league next season, the team this summer are armament expansion, strength of ascension.Now with inter milan star many rumors, but su ning sports “localization, younger” two big basic principle remains the same.Sampdoria team have inter’s Mr Right: 1995Born in Slovakia international defender John kerry (Skriniar), Virginia, was born in 1996 in the Italian striker Sikh (Schick), born in 1994 in Belgium new international winger plait (Praet) have taken place in people with inter.Through the practical test of these potential new signings, also will be the inter fans and Italian media big attraction.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended inter for 1-1.5 goals wins.

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