Recommend w882016-2017 west re-scheduled week 30 matches

Beijing time 01:30 a.m on April 5, 2017, the 2016/17 season, west re-scheduled week 30 rounds, athletic bilbao at home against the spaniards.Two teams this season opener, athletic bilbao la liga and seventh at present, only behind the villarreal in war zones 1 points;The spaniards rank 9, athletic bilbao 4 points behind.

Date of The < stron g > timeThe home team The visiting team 2017/4/5 (Wednesday)01:30bilbaoThe Spanish 2017/4/5 (Wednesday)03:30Atletico MadridThe royal society 2017/4/5 (Wednesday)03:30betisVilla, ray, 2017/4/6 (Thursday)01:30Barcelonasevilla 2017/4/6 (Thursday)02:30Allah’sosasuna 2017/4/6(Thursday)02:30deportivogranada 2017/4/6 (Thursday)02:30Sporting gijonmalaga 2017/4/6 (Thursday)03:30He inReal Madrid 2017/4/7 (on Friday)01:30Mr AnwarMr Rappaport mas 2017/4/7 (on Friday)03:30valenciacelta

men of bilbao VS Spain

【 injuries & amp; suspensions 】

Athletic bilbao: lai – alvarez injury doubt.

Spanish: baptista di tang, Oscar – duarte injured;Gerard – moreno is suspended;Mark – navarro injury doubt.



In the two sides in the past six meetings, athletic bilbao 2 wins and two draws.

The recent trends 】

Athletic bilbao: the outcome – the outcome –

Spanish: – ping ping –

【 little data 】

Athletic bilbao at the past events with the Spaniard’s seven meetings, the goal number six times more than 2.5.

Athletic bilbao in the past six la liga home game, there are five goal of more than 2.5.

【 event related 】

Athletic bilbao in the past four la liga matches 3 degrees, another is the leading 2-1 defeat to real Madrid.

“Basque lion” than just two points behind fifth royal society at present, because of the emperor club in the near future, never put off till tomorrow what you can pack this just to win is expected to replace the fifth place.

The spaniards in the past five games of Spanish have lost just one time, they came on the round before two goals, successful reversal against real betis.

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