Recommend west re-scheduled week 31, 2016-2017 matches

Beijing time on April 8, 2017 02 am 45 points, west re-scheduled week 31 rounds of a tournament, villarreal at home against athletic bilbao.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/8 (Saturday)02:45Villa, ray,bilbao 2017/4/8 (Saturday)At 19:00The SpanishAllah’s 2017/4/8 (Saturday)”Real MadridAtletico Madrid 2017/4/9 (Sunday)00:30sevilladeportivo 2017/4/9 (Sunday)02:45malagaBarcelona 2017/4/9 (Sunday)18:00granadavalencia 2017/4/9 (Sunday)”celtaMr Anwar 2017/4/10 (Monday)00:30osasunaHe in 2017/4/10 (Monday)02:45Mr Rappaport masbetis 2017/4/11 (Tuesday)02:45The royal societygijoncompetitive

Villa ray VS bilbao,

Match analysis:

Villarreal at real betis last round of league, the team at a disadvantage, although rub is eventually beat rivals, 1-0 in the foot four wins in five games, period is only one goal, momentum is very strong.Now for the fifth in the league, but only lead 7 points, falls out of the champions league qualification carelessly a bit, season averaging only 0.77 goal, defence is quite stable.

athletic bilbao last round of league at home against the spaniards, the team full advantage, eventually rival 2-0 victory, freddy adu ritz brace, recently scored four goals, three rounds of league status.Recent round of league team won three games, momentum is also strong.But the team recently only one win, nine on the road at impact was disappointing.Now for the sixth in the league, champions league qualification zone position also not solid, the game for both sides are missing.

Villarreal in

This event is the Spanish 2016/17 round 31 by villarreal at home against athletic bilbao, villarreal recorded nearly 30 round about 9-7, 14 in fifth place.

La liga this week driving fast, midweek league villarreal at 1-0 win at real betis, finally ended after two defeats, before this weekend at home against athletic bilbao regain mastery confidence.

From the trailing the conflicts, villarreal meet past 10 times athletic bilbao 2-3-5 record disadvantage, for the first time this seasonAt 1-0 defeat, this also is they are, the fourth consecutive meetings villarreal on relatively passive situation.

Villarreal main goal this season is still fighting for European seats, after two defeats, currently only a point lead over athletic bilbao in fifth championship, this directly to the two sides met will affect the team league prospects, villarreal won 4-3 certainly will carefully handled, fighting spirit to be trusted.

Athletic bilbao. “

The Spanish traditional strong teams athletic bilbao 30 rounds of the seasonHome-country crowd recorded about 5-10, 15 in sixth championship, at present a point of villarreal.

This week in the league athletic bilbao at home 2-0 victory over Spain, had two successive premiership, nearly 5 foot 4 wins, in excellent condition, the team has a strong European seats initiative.

It’s important to note that athletic bilbao rob points concentrated at home this season, at nearly 11 games only won two games, in contrast, home record is tough, nearly 10 rounds have seven wins and two draws 1 negative, athletic bilbao main strong guest the weak trendAnd out the other.

Squad, main athletic bilbao striker freddy adu Lisbon state well, at present has scored 10 league goals, nearly two rounds against osasuna and Spain scored a goal in per capita, personal status is more outstanding.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended bilbao refusal under 0-0.5 – the game ball.

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