Recommend w88 casino2016 29-2017 bundesliga matches

Beijing time on the evening of April 15, 2017, and 2016-17 bundesliga round 29, borussia Dortmund in the signal park against Frankfurt tanner.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:30Borussia DortmundFrankfurt 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:30Wolfsburg,Because of the gore Tuesday 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:30Lai red bullfreiburg

2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:30augsburgcologne 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:30hoffenheimThe door is popular 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:30mainzHertha Berlin 2017/4/16 (Sunday)00:30Bayer leverkusenBayern Munich 2017/4/16 (Sunday)At 21:30Werder BremenHamburg 2017/4/16 (Sunday)23:30darmstadtSchalke 04

Borussia Dortmund VS Frankfurt

A much needed boost morale victory: over the past week borussia Dortmund condition, their consecutive loss to bayern Munich in the bundesliga and European champions and Monaco, unbeaten home golden body is solved.In the fourth in the bundesliga table, borussia Dortmund, 1 minute from the third hoffenheim.Top scorer Obama MeiYang netted 11 goals in nine games, the bundesliga has harvested 25 goals this season, behind more than levante, ranked the second top scorer.This time against Frankfurt, expect to be able to regain the winning borussia Dortmund.

Shadow plagued the hornets army explosion: weeks in DortmundDE bus bombings stunned football, and the player’s psychological also has been hit, it become one of the main reasons for the champions league defeat.In a day after the attack, the play, really hard to accept such arrangements.Now back in the league, borussia Dortmund player whether through the psychological crisis period.Their psychological reconstruction can be completed?How to keep the status competition?Figure hull problem plagued by coach.

Frankfurt nearly nine league games: Frankfurt first half of the season, once ranked third in the table.But since February 6, two months in Frankfurt 9 bundesliga round 3Six negative, have flat, ranking drop quickly in the ninth.Currently three points behind the distance to the sixth of freiburg, there is still hope of qualifying for Europe.Facing the encounter emergency psychological hit borussia Dortmund, Frankfurt can rob points worthy of attention on the road.

Between trailing Dortmund dominant: there are 92 meetings record in the history of both sides, 43-16-33 borussia Dortmund have the upper hand, conceding 167 goals in 128.Frankfurt, the home game against Dortmund 31-6-8, 104 goals conceded 41 goals.

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