Recommend re-scheduled week 31 matches w882016-2017

Beijing time on April 9, 2017 at 02:45 points and re-scheduled week 31 rounds of focus of a battle, Juventus home game against chievo.Guessing, die another welcome!

Date of Time The home team The visiting team

The 2017/4/8 (Saturday)At 21:00empolipescara 2017/4/9 (Sunday)02:45Juventuschievo 2017/4/9 (Sunday)18:30sampFlorence 2017/4/9 (Sunday)At 21:00AC milanPalermo 2017/4/9 (Sunday)At 21:00bolognaThe Roman 2017/4/9 (Sunday)At 21:00cagliariTurin, 2017/4/9 (Sunday)At 21:00Within the g’sInter milan 2017/4/9 (Sunday)At 21:00udineseGenoa 2017/4/10 (Monday)02:45Atlanta,Mr Solow 2017/4/10 (Monday)02:45laziotheDo not,

Juventus vs chievo. “

The data interpretation 】

1, fighting nearly six times, Juventus – 1-0, 5, 13 goals in three lost the ball, the ball three times, the ball three times.Last met in re-scheduled week 12 rounds of the season, Juventus 2-1 tallied chievo on the road.

2 74 points, Juventus currently lead the serie a, no big mistakes defending champion is not difficult.The bianconeri play in the Italian cup 2-3 precious little negative napoli, but two rounds – 4 or 5 jinFinal, in recent 10 events playing only lose.Juve in the next champions Barcelona, in the face of power is not strong chievo will naturally have reservations.

3, chievo 38 points in the league in the 11th, no relegation danger, also no chance in the European theater, there is no clear goal.Chievo played bad recently, on the wheel’s home was lost to g, nearly 2 rounds of league all negative.Road is not ideal, almost two away all negative, nearly 10 foot 7 games away from home.

【 competition intelligence 】

1, Juventus half a first-choice left winger pia was hurtStop half a year;Main striker Zhu Jiji returned from injury.

2, Juventus lost to chievo last dates back to the 2009/10 season, trailing obvious restraint.

3, chievo left-back in gaby, midfield general ma, goni to injury.

4, chievo total 13 goals in seven games, and keep the games, not weak attack force.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: the game recommended chievo refusal under 1.5 2 ball games.

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