Recommend w88 casino2016-2017 west re-scheduled week 32 matches

Beijing time on April 15, 2017, 02 am 45 points, west re-scheduled week 32 rounds of battle.By athletic bilbao at home against las palmas, from the point of confrontation trailing, athletic bilbao last three la liga meet las palmas unexpectedly wins is hard to find, a fight for the first time this season, away to 1-3 defeat athletic bilbao eager the home revenge, fighting spirit to be trusted.

Game date Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/15 (Saturday)02:45bilbaoMr Rappaport mas 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 19:00deportivomalaga 2017/4/15 (Saturday)”Sporting gijonReal Madrid 2017/4/16 (Sunday)00:30Atletico Madridosasuna 2017/4/16 (Sunday)02:45BarcelonaThe royal society 2017/4/16 (Sunday)18:00He inThe Spanish 2017/4/16 (Sunday)”valenciasevilla 2017/4/17 (Monday)00:30betisMr Anwar 2017/4/17 (On Monday)02:45granadacelta 2017/4/17 (Monday)02:45Allah’sAllah’s

Bilbao VS lapa ma,

Loss of athletic bilbao last 8 unfortunately fell on the table with losing champions league qualification is club will not allow the case, so the return home to las palmas, never put off till tomorrow what you can have plenty of reasons to take threePoints.Is lapa mas is close to the holiday in advance, the team’s guest war without any pressure.


main battle oath to take all three points

After the weekend and lost the submarine war, Peabody unexpectedly fell to eighth in the table, this means that if the league to an end, and the Basque lion will lose next season’s champions league qualification.For the ranking team is clearly not acceptable, so the return to the home team issued to win, and the offensive line, led by freddy adu rees, will all out, barr baird sent his most trusted attack group.

lapa mas: strike the owner will be against the difficult

Home win against betis let lapa mas will be up to 38 points, the team was basically a placid position, which means that they are likely to enter the leave in advance.The guest war Peabody, the team although no psychological pressure, but the lack of front to wreck a fighting force.Jose determine no result because of injury, location and boateng starts also stopped by Bach substitution.The good news is that the defender than Vegas confirmed back, this add a certain security to the team’s defensive.

Predictions of

The gameWatch the Peabody to win, and at the same time for the two teams attack-minded approach, a DuiGongZhan worth waiting for.

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