W88 casino2016-2017 method recommended re-scheduled week 32 matches

Beijing time 02:45 a.m on April 8, 2017, 2016-2017, French league round of 32 will compete for lille VS the loch.Lille currently ranked 13th in the ligue 1.At least 10 points from the war zone, and did not avoid relegation pressure, maintain honor at the home of the game is the only fighting spirit.

Date of timeThe home team The visiting team 2017/4/8 (Saturday)02:45lillenice 2017/4/8 (Saturday)23:00angersMonaco 2017/4/9 (Sunday)2:00NancyRyan 2017/4/9 (Sunday)2:00Dijonbastia 2017/4/9 (Sunday)2:00bordeauxmace 2017/4/9 (Sunday)2:00Lyonlorient 2017/4/9 (Sunday)2:00caenMontpellier, 2017/4/9 (Sunday)At 21:00Toulouse,marseille 2017/4/9 (Sunday)23:00St. deannantes 2017/4/10 (Monday)03:00Paris st,guingamp

Lille VS loch

The data interpretation 】

1, the French cup quarterfinals in lille weeks away 2-1 defeat by Monaco, the recent 4 rounds of ligue 1 2 wins and two draws unbeaten, four games only two goals, ligue 1 6 round defeat at bordeaux only recently.

2, lille last 10 French home 2-3-5, 10 gamesOnly one game clean sheet (0-0 marseille), only defeat caen and montpellier, during the recent six home 3 negative 3 continuous.

3, nice home 2-1 reverse condition good bordeaux, 8 rounds recently ligue 1 5 win 3 consecutive unbeaten, but they only 19 games recently defeat at Monaco the favourites to win on the road.

4, nice nearly 10 league away 4-5-1, averaging only scored 1, a total of only nine goals at the same time.

5, nice first leg at home this season, the blues to a 1-1 draw, play into 4 lian, and niceNearly nine times the face lille 4-5 unbeaten, nearly 10 times against lille 2-8 long unbeaten.

【 competition intelligence 】

1, lille is currently leading the relegation zone 9 points, avoid relegation pressure greatly reduce, lille after 15 league only thirty percent, they are second from bottom ranked in ligue 1 home.

2, nice is still leading 4, Lyon has 13 points, the champions league the place is very stable, they are currently ligue 1 loss minimum number of team.

[dish analysis],

Lille recent league moves slightlyDownturn has warmed up, but they battle the embarrassment of result is still not turn.But strength is not prominent, nice, has been able to maintain the steady performance, and even keep the title must hope.Home from lille to the face most unbeaten league championship team, committed to not necessarily no chance.

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