Member w88 casino congratulate spins the prize – march, 2017

1, K * N * E * H
congratulations to members

The lucky guy win MATE9 porsche huawei mobile phone a!

2,Congratulations to the member S * * * R * T P R * & amp;I * I * * K *

The lucky guy win GEAR samsung S3 smart watch!

3, congratulations member N * A * * * 0 K G & amp;8 W * * A * b *

The lucky guy won the magic sound BEATS SOLO3 headphones!

All registered in optimal DE W88 active member, every week has a record of successful deposit, can obtain a free rotation opportunities!April has on new prizes, slot free spin 】 【 action be the next big winner ~

If you have any question in the process of lucky spin, pleaseYou contact us in time 7 x24 hours online customer service, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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