W882016-2017 recommended re-scheduled week 32 matches

Beijing time on April 15, 2017 points, and 2016/17 season re-scheduled week 32 will focus on the competition on the wheel, at home against AC milan, inter milan, this is a very impressive Derby in world football.Two teams as a famous European giants, now is, it, the two sides will fight for a Europa league qualification.

Date of Time The home team The visiting team 2017/4/15 (Saturday)18:30Inter milanAC milan 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:00The RomanAtlanta, 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:00cagliarichievo 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:00Florenceempoli 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:00Genoalazio 2017/4/15(Saturday)At 21:00Palermobologna 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:00pescaraJuventus 2017/4/15 (Saturday)At 21:00Turin,Within the g’s 2017/4/15 (Saturday)23:59Mr Solowsamp 2017/4/16 (Sunday)02:45Naplesudinese

VSAC inter milan


Two teams a total of 165 times in serie a, inter milan in 61-53-51 have the upper hand slightly.In the play the first leg of the season 2-2 ping, recently four season 7 times in the two sides met the two victoriesDraw three times.Last season, the two teams wins at home (milan 3-0, inter 1-0).Derby is the most attention in the international football match this weekend.

State resolution:

Inter and AC milan in this season, two famous European teams, basic and will miss the champions league next season.At present, the seventh international milan, Naples, behind the third had 12 points and team in the last three games 1 draw and state is low.At present, the international milan present state is unstable.AC milan were lagging inter milan in the league, but the recent 9Round of league, AC milan made 6 win 2 draw 1 negative good grades, therefore, AC milan now surpassed international milan 2 points.

For the game, both sides slogans shouted out to win, AC milan coach vincenzo montella says, Derby win is our only goal, and the team will do their best to achieve it.The game is very special, because now our city rivals are also direct competitors in our league table rankings.If you can win, so for the team is a great progress.

In order to next season’s champions league qualification, inter milan have to win the DerbyWar ii.Zhang will come to milan this week in the near east, and the scene to watch the Derby.Zhang near east this season has repeatedly come to SAN siro stadium to watch, has seen a showdown between inter milan beat Juventus.

Look out for:

Former rivals have become suffering brothers, two teams it will be hard for a Europa league qualification, according to the current serie a in uefa’s integral, 4, 5, and the Italian cup serie a will be given the Europa league qualification, is due to the Italian cup final two Juventus and lazio, as a result, re-scheduled week 6 are expected to get the Europa league qualification.At present, AC milanSixth, seventh in the inter of milan, the two teams will provide a Europa league qualification wc3l.

For inter milan, keeping the pressure is greater, especially the coach leather ollie, taking control of the inter milan in the middle, he led scores adequately, but recently, the international milan downturn, skin ollie also showed the class is over.This war, skin ollie need to prove myself.

Optimal DE W88, western sports remind: recommended inter milan 1 to 2 ball wins the game.

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