W88.com premiership matches 33, 2016-2017 is recommended

Beijing time on April 16, 2017 at 23:00, 2016/17 season in the premier league 33 rounds will focus on war, Manchester united at home against Chelsea, the reds for the first four Chelsea to the championship, for it will be very fierce.Jose mourinho’s side this season has lost to Chelsea twice, at old trafford, Manchester united’s desire for revenge.

Date of The The home team The visiting team 2017/4/15 (Saturday)7:30 p.m.spursbournemouth 2017/4/15 (Saturday)22:00The crystal palaceLester 2017/4/15 (Saturday)22:00evertonburnley 2017/4/15 (Saturday)22:00Stoke cityHull city 2017/4/15 (Saturday)22:00sunderlandWest ham 2017/4/15 (Saturday)22:00watfordSwansea 2017/4/16 (Sunday)00:30SouthamptonManchester city 2017/4/16 (Sunday)Manner ofWest bromLiverpool 2017/4/16 (Sunday)23:00Manchester unitedChelsea 2017/4/16 (Sunday)03:00middlesbroughArsenal

Manchester united VS Chelsea


Two teams a total of 176 games, Manchester united 72-53-51 have the upper hand, in the history of the league, Manchester united and Chelsea’s score is 59-46-44.In the history of the premier league, 49 times the two sides met13, Manchester united – 19-17 disadvantage.This season, the two sides have met twice, once in October last year league, Chelsea’s 4-0 victory over Manchester united at home, and another is the fa cup quarter final, eliminated Chelsea 1-0 to Manchester united.From the point of recent meetings between the two sides, Chelsea have the upper hand.

State resolution:

Currently, Manchester united have played 30 games, ranked fifth championship, the red devils target is a top-four, so that the qualification for the champions league next season, fourth is Manchester city, four points more than Manchester united, but the reds played a game less.Manchester united’s recent state is not stable, the game in a draw, each event last nine games, Manchester united’s performance is 3-5-1.If not suffered too much a draw in the league, Manchester united have already in the first four.Today’s Europa league quarter-final first leg in the morning, Manchester united’s 1-1 draw at anderlecht.

Chelsea are ranked first, and second, the spurs played 31 games currently, Chelsea ahead of tottenham 7 points, in the league or 7 rounds, or great chance to win the championship, but it cannot treat STH lightly.For Chelsea, Manchester united last barrier, it may be that they title after play Manchester united,The rest of their opponents strength is not strong.Last season, he has helped real Madrid to international league away games, F1 grand prix, the Japanese station, etc., this year and its name is sponsoring sports events such as the snooker masters in Germany.The focus of the competition for international football, have been very concerned about.

Look out for:

Two meetings this season, Manchester united have lost, for the reds and jose mourinho, it is quite a shame, especially 0 than four premiership visit to complete defeat, jose mourinho returned to Stamford bridge.For Manchester united, it is not only for four war, revenge is, the red devils inOld trafford must be performance.

In addition, Manchester united and Chelsea players will direct dialogue, in central midfield position, pogba will fight cantor, a is the world’s most expensive, one is the best, young pogba needs to prove his worth.On the striker, zlatan ibrahimovic will fight costa, both players personality, and are now in the league scoring 17 goals.

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